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Indivdual Therapy

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Founder & CEO

Hello, Welcome to Peace of Mind!


My Name is Dionne Scott-Boissard and I  am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor specializing in the treatment of various challenges that can impact an individual's day-to-day experiences. You can come explore your thoughts and feelings and be okay with not being okay.  I am here to offer you an honest support system, coping skills, and techniques for navigating obstacles in your life.


 I utilize an Existential lens and a Transpersonal approach to therapy believing each person has the freedom, the power, and the responsibility to be their own best version of themselves. I will support your growth, facilitate skill development, and encourage authentic living.

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Licensed in New York


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Coaching services & workshops are available for non New York residents!

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You Matter!

If you are looking for a place to be heard, a space to heal, and an opportunity to move beyond the barriers of life, then we invite you to join us here at Peace of Mind!

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